Side Branch Stent

Finally, a Solution to Actively Treat Coronary Bifurcations

The Tryton Side Branch Stent with Tri-ZONE® Technology is the New Class Bifurcation System to Actively Treat, Protect and Secure Bifurcations

Tri-Zone TechnologyThe stent’s proprietary design known as Tri-ZONE® Technology provides scaffolding within the side branch, radial strength in the transition zone, and minimal coverage in the main vessel zone.

Bartorelli Quote - Once the branch is safely opened by the Tryton Stent you can focus your efforts on the main branch and finish with a perfect The Tryton Side Branch Stent System is designed to treat a wide spectrum of bifurcated lesions. The system’s highly deliverable stent is deployed in the side branch artery using a standard single-wire balloon-expandable stent delivery system. A conventional drug eluting stent is then placed in the main vessel. The Tryton Side Branch Stent integrates with the main vessel DES.

The Tryton Side Branch Stent features a low-profile cobalt chromium design compatible with 5F and 6F guide catheters.

Tryton side branch stent

Tryton Stent Diagram
Tryton vessel diameter table

Bartorelli Quote - The results are strikingly consistentClinical Results reported in a patient pooled analysis in over 900 patients studied show a TLR of 4% at 12 months and a thrombosis rate of 0.5%.

Current approaches to treating bifurcation lesions have significant limitations, including higher rates of restenosis, the re-narrowing of the stented vessel following implantation.

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